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Create It [Mar. 13th, 2006|09:31 pm]
What do I do when I can't find a pattern to match what I have pictured in my mind?

Make it myself.

Now, I haven't done this much. I've modified patterns, changed them, based them from something and worked it out myself. But my own? Hardly.

But it's time. Oh, it's time. In my mind I have the perfect pattern for my Noro Kureyon yarn that I got in a swap. It's a raglan style hoodie with a pocket in the front. I want a simple, basic pattern for something like this and I can't seem to find one after a ton of Google searching. I wanted it to be somewhere between the Under the Hoodie pattern in Stitch 'n Bitch: The Knitters Handbook and Janda from Knitty and Rogue (minus the cables). Easy right? (hahahaaa)

I like the bottom of Rogue and how it's folded under - I'm not a fan of the ribbing at my waist. I like the way the pocket is constructed on Rogue - how you knit it as you're going and don't sew it on after. I like the hood construction of Under the Hoodie and how it crosses a bit in the front. I don't like the way you knit two big squares and there's NO shaping to the shoulders/arm area. I don't know why I threw Janda in the mix because there's nothing particular I love about it other than it has shaping in the shoulder/arm area and the hood is okay, too.

None of these patterns I love so completely that I want to use all my lovely Noro Kureyon yarn for it. So, I must create my own pattern.

I'm sort of using this tutorial from Knitty: Knit by Numbers. There's also this one from Glampyre: Striped Raglan from the Bottom Up. I have the same gauge as Janda, so I'm loosely using the cast on amounts. I'm going to start at the bottom, with smaller needles and do the hem as per Rogue (well, sort of... mostly I'm winging it). I'll do the pocket a lot like Rogue as well. The rest will be pretty basic and mostly winging it, but I think I'll do okay.

I'm really quite excited about this! I think I'll be doing it for the Stash-a-long.

On a totally different note, my blogger journal totally pissed me off when the template got all screwed up and all my links are gone now. GRRRRR!!