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Uncondtional Swaps on Craftster.org [Mar. 2nd, 2006|02:46 pm]
[Current Mood |aggravatedaggravated]

After hearing about the Crafster.org Unconditional Swap on knitting I wanted to participate in the Unconditional Swap for March 2006. I REALLY want to make something/gift something... actually to probably 3 people on the list. But here's the thing... I only really discovered Craftster.org a few weeks ago (actually longer than that, but I've only had a profile since a few weeks ago). I PM'd this months organizer only to find out there's conditions you have to meet to participate. One of them is that you have to have a profile for at least a month and have posted at least 15 times. I read all the time, but what the hell do I post "Hey that's cool!" That's lame. The poster already heard that a hundred times. So I don't post to messages. I understand that there has to be rules so that people don't get hurt, but I've done plenty of swaps before through LJ (craft type swaps and cookie swaps) and I have emails with praise (a lot of them actually!). Shouldn't there be exceptions for things like this? *sigh* I know there's not, but I just think it's shitty because now the folks I wanted to send stuff to, I can't and they miss out.

I'm just frustrated and venting.

I'm working on posting a bunch of lame messages to get my message count up. It'll be a month on the 9th, so I'll probably try to PM the organizer again in a week and see if the people I wanted to gift are still "available" to be gifted to.

(I figured this fit here more than my regular journal since it's craft-related venting.)